Tunaverse Launches Cinq

Tunaverse is pleased to announce the availability of its new Cinq app in the app store Click here to download from the app store.

Access and synchronize your home photo library on your iPhone or iPod touch from anywhere, anytime with Tunaverse Cinq. Uploading photos stored on your Mac or iPhone to Facebook and Twitpic has never been easier.

Visit The Tunaverse Website for more about Cinq.

HexLok is now FREE

I’ve decided to give it away (at least for now). I’m planning some new game play features so snap it up now while it’s still free.

HexLok 1.2 available in the App Store

We added online high scores using Geocade.com. See how well you do against others around the world.

We also made the game a little easier by using less colors during the beginning levels of the game. The game now starts with 4 colors for the first 4 levels. A fifth color is added at level 5 and a sixth color is added at level 15.

We added a little animation when you lock a hex.

The pause screen was updated to show your current score, level and number of lives left. The high scores are now available through a new button on the pause screen.

HexLok Available In App Store

Here’s the link to the iTunes App Store: HexLok in AppStore


Sample High Score

Below is an example screen that shows a score of 33,820,355.  Notice the number of locks that are on the screen when you reach level 28.


HexLok 1.1 Update Submitted

By popular demand (from the original testers) we’ve added a “practice” mode to the application.  When in practice mode, the clock does not count down, so the player can create hex patterns without being under a time pressure.

When switching from practice to live mode, the current game will be reset.  A warning is presented to the player to prevent inadvertently wiping out an existing game.

We also re-built the application for the iPhone 2.0 (not 2.2) because it is compatible with all versions from 2.0 and up.

Hexlok Demo Video

This video was created using the iPhone simulator and iShowU HD (great product), so you’ll see a mouse cursor moving around.  I haven’t found a way to do this with the actual iPod Touch or iPhone yet (any suggestions would be greatly appreciated).  It is difficult to use the mouse when trying to spin the Hexagons.  Using your finger on the screen is much easier and more natural.

HexLok Suggestion Box

Please post your comments and suggestions here.

Features we are working on:

  • Online high scores - see how your high scores rank against everyone else.
  • Puzzle mode - match larger patterns with no time limits.
  • Picture Puzzle - take any photo and scramble/unscramble it.

HexLok Submitted!

Tunaverse is pleased to announce that version 1.0 of the new HexLok game has been submitted to the iTunes App Store.  How long does Apple usually take?  We’ll know soon (we hope).